Personal Training

I offer options to suit; training at your home, at my own home gym or even your work.
Or if you prefer outdoors to a gym, then outdoor training. All the equipment needed for your personal training sessions is provided.

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

personal_training_med_ballPersonal one-to-one training – this time is all about you and focusing on your goals.
Save time exercising – make sure you exercise correctly so you don’t injure yourself.
Customised and FUN training programmes – tailored and designed with you in mind.
Event focused training – we know what you are aiming for and can structure a specific programme around your goal. This could be getting married or doing the London Marathon.
Monitoring of your performance – we make sure we take measurements so we can prove to you that personal training works.You WILL see results!
Health and Lifestyle Benefits

Weight management
Increased energy, strength, fitness and endurance levels
Improved body shape and posture
Increased confidence and self esteem
Reduced levels of stress and fatigue
Assistance in injury recovery
Increase in strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination
Better health and vitality
Stronger physique – both cardio and muscular