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Thanks for helping me with my leg Carl. I am no athlete but have enjoyed a run two or three times a week for the past few years - it helped keep the weight off! But then my shin started hurting almost as soon as I had left home so I couldn't do it any more. However a few weeks of massage from you and now a top up every month, together with the stretching exercises you recommended (which I really should do more of!) has really helped and I can exercise again.

Many thanks


“Carl’s proved to me that a holistic approach is essential for my long term fitness. The Pilates sessions that he offers have strengthened my ‘core’ and increased my flexibility which, in turn, means farewell to the back problems and pain that I’ve had in the past.

During our Personal Training sessions Carl has really helped me to put together, and complete, realistic weekly and monthly training plans that fit in with my lifestyle and ensure that I remain motivated to meet the personal goals I’ve set and, if I do pick up the odd muscular injury from time to time, Carl’s able to put that right for me as well through Sports Massage which allows me to get back to living my life the way that I want to! Thanks so much for your help Carl.”


My wife and I were introduced to Carl having had recurring neck and back problems. This is a result of having put our bodies through the strain and stress as competitive Ballroom & Latin American dancers over many years.

Carl has, through his excellent knowledge of massage treatment and Pilates, over time got our bodies back into fitness and the strength it requires. We continue to have regular appointments to prevent our injuries recurring.

We often recommend our pupils to contact Carl in the event of dance injuries or similar and he has always managed to get them back onto the dance floor in next to no time.

Fredric & Vicki

Having run for many years on the road including half and full marathons, my body began to tell me through injuries that things weren’t well.

Various physiotherapists told me that core stability was all important to injury prevention, but I had no idea what that meant. I had 'on and off' treatments with Carl when injuries came along, but nothing regular.

Then he started Pilates classes, and I began to have more regular massages to prevent the recurring calf and achilles injuries I was getting. Carl seems to instinctively know what needs attention. The core stability from Pilates has made a lot of difference. I have not had a serious injury for many years now, and although I have changed to orienteering (still running) and the training for the last two years has increased in intensity, thanks to Carl though sports massage and Pilates, I have had no major injuries.

I would thoroughly recommend his massage treatments and Pilates classes.



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